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Doncaster based dog grooming salon that creates something that puts their customers first, exclusively using top quality products and ensuring all staff are qualified to an exceptionally high-standard.

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Our Involvement

After we got in touch, work began immediately on crafting the perfect site for Canine Couture that matches the high-standard of their work.

In just a week, we had design, prototypes and a draft of the website.


Dave , StatsOrb

If I were to describe Crescent Studios in three words, it would be Fast, Easy, and Quality. Fast for the time that they deliver your requested service, working with the customer to get them the product they most want. Easy for the process, no dilly dallying, straight to the point, perfect communication, and no issues after the fact. Quality, as in nothing they deliver is bs. Everything is optimized, the UI is amazing, and the whole service overall is a good quality service. Would definitely recommend working with Crescent Studio for your next project.

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